GutenPano - 360 Panorama Viewer for WordPress

Share Your Story in a 360-Degree Virtual Adventure.


Welcome to GutenPano, the revolutionary all-in-one WordPress Gutenberg Block that empowers you to create captivating and immersive virtual tours from your 360-degree panoramic images.

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Settings Management

The plugin offers a host of settings and options that empower you to customize and optimize the panorama viewing experience for your audience.

Drag & Drop Interface

You can change and organize scenes order with our intuitive drag & drop interface. It works like a standard WordPress gallery.

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Some more features you'll love

GutenPano is the ultimate tool for providing your WordPress site visitors with an immersive experience.

Panorama Size

Customize the size of your panoramas to fit seamlessly within your website's layout. Whether you prefer a fixed size or prefer to let the panorama adapt to the available space, this setting ensures your visuals always look their best.

Fullscreen Mode

Engage your viewers with an immersive fullscreen experience. This setting allows your panoramas to take center stage, providing an uninterrupted and captivating view of the 360-degree scene.


Control whether the panorama starts automatically when the page loads, drawing immediate attention and providing a dynamic first impression.

Change Scene Images

There are no restrictions on how many times you can reorder your scenes. Feel free to experiment with different sequences, highlight specific scenes, or create a logical progression that tells a story. The flexibility of GutenPano ensures that you can always find the perfect flow for your panorama.


Enable intuitive navigation with mouse drag and keyboard arrow keys, allowing viewers to explore the panorama naturally and smoothly.

Touch Controls

Optimize the mobile experience with touch controls, letting users swipe and pinch to navigate the 360-degree scene on their smartphones and tablets.

Instant Preview

As soon as you select a new image, GutenPano provides a real-time preview of how it will appear within the panorama. This immediate feedback allows you to make quick decisions and ensures that your scene changes are exactly as you envision them.

Enable/Disable Controls

Ability to hide specific controls gives you the power to curate the panorama viewing journey. By making strategic decisions about which controls to display, you can steer viewer interaction in the right direction.


The autorotate feature enables your panoramas to rotate automatically, providing a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience.