Getting started


Why should I use MediaCommander?

With this plugin you can easily organize posts, pages, media library and custom post types into folders. Create multiple folders and subfolders, put everything you like into them, and highlight the ones that need extra attention with a color.

I installed the plugin, what’s next?

Once activated, the plugin will automatically enable the folder manager for the media library and user list. Just go to “Users” -> “All users” or “Media” -> “Library” screen and start organizing your items (users, media files) in the WordPress admin area. On the left will be a panel where you can manage your directories, in the toolbar click on “Plus Folder” to add the first folder, enter its name and set the color. Your first directory is ready.

What happens when a folder is deleted?

When you delete a folder, all items (pages, posts, media files, etc.) that were linked to that folder are not deleted. It simply removes the link between them and the folder, after which all items become available and visible in a special ‘Uncategorized’ virtual directory.

If a folder is deleted will the media file in the folder be deleted too?

No, only the folder is removed.

Nothing happened after the image was replaced

Most likely your browser is still caching the old image, so you are seeing the old image instead of the replaced image. Try performing a hard refresh while viewing the page (Ctrl + F5 on Windows, Apple + R / Command + R on Mac).

Is it possible for any user to create and modify folders?

Everything is under the control of the administrator. Our MediaCommander plugin has fine-grained permission settings. You can customize the folder security policy differently for each user or role. For example, some users/roles can create/view/edit folders, while others are only allowed to view them.

Can the folders sidebar be hidden?

Yes, if you want to hide the folder sidebar, just click the “toggle” button (above the page title of the current screen). To bring back this sidebar, press this button again.

Does MediaCommander work with Gutenberg?

Absolutely!!! MediaCommander is compatible with a new block editor called Gutenberg. This functionality is available out of the box even in the free version.

Does MediaCommander work with page builders?

Without a doubt, MediaCommander works with most popular web page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, WP Bakery, Brizy, Blocks and many others. If your page builder or third-party plugin uses the standard WordPress media modal dialog to select images, the plugin will also work and display folders.

Does the plugin modify the uploads directory?

No. The folders created by our plugin are virtual folders, so the WordPress uploads directory remains intact, as do its contents in the form of media files.

I’d like access to more features and support. How can I get this?

You can access additional features and support by purchasing the plugin. After that you will get access to the full version of the MediaCommander WordPress plugin, automatic updates and premium support.