User Interface

Take your website to the next level with MediaCommander – the revolutionary plugin designed for an WordPress media management experience. With its intuitive features, MediaCommander transforms the way you organize and utilize your media assets, post and pages ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Designed with attention to detail, MediaCommander offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the management of your backend content. Easily upload, categorize, and edit your items with just a few clicks.

The main interfaces of this plugin include:

Media Library: Once you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll see two main options. One is the “Media Library” section. Click on this and you’ll see the heart of the plugin, an extensive interface where you can customize and configure various settings for your media files. This intuitive interface allows you to make various changes, ensuring that your media content is precisely tailored to your preferences and site needs.

MediaCommander Media Library Interface

Settings: The other section is the plugin settings, which you can find under “Setttings” > “MediaCommander”. Here you can configure access rights for users and roles, choose the main color of folders, enable or disable various options, perform import/export, and completely remove the plugin with all its data and settings if necessary.

MediaCommander Settings Interface