Folders for Posts & Pages

MediaCommander simplifies the process of organizing your WordPress pages into folders. Let’s get start, simply go to the Posts or Pages screen in the WordPress admin area. Use the left sidebar to add, edit, and delete folders.

NOTE: If you can’t see the panel, click the “switch sidebar” button in the admin menu at the side of the screen.

Create, Edit, and Delete Folders with Ease: A Step-by-Step Guide

The toolbar at the top of the sidebar is your command center for create new folders and sorting items. To create a new folder, simply click the “+” icon, then give a name, color and select a parent folder if desired. Don’t worry, you’re not locked into that parent folder forever – you can always drag and drop your folder into a different parent later on.

Renaming a folder is a breeze, too. Just navigate to the folder you want to rename, right-click and in the context menu that appears select the “Rename” action, give the folder a new name and press “Enter”. The context menu also contains actions for creating a folder, for copying the structure of the current folder and then pasting it, plus for deleting a folder.

NOTE: Deleting a folder will not delete any items within the folder.

Adding Posts & Pages to Folders

Once you’ve created a few folders, it’s time to start organizing your posts. The process is very simple – just drag and drop your posts! Hover your cursor over the area to the left of the post you want to move. Once the cursor icon changes to a move cursor, click above that area and drag the post to the desired folder, and there it is, organized!

But what if you need to move multiple posts at once? No problem! Check the boxes next to the posts you want to move, and then click and drag the move icon next to any of the selected posts. Your selected posts will be moved to the selected folder in one quick swipe.

Efficiently Manage Your Folders with Posts & Pages

Arranging your folders with posts & pages is simple and intuitive. You can easily reorganize your folders by dragging and dropping them to your desired location. This method provides a visual and immediate way to structure your content.