Folders for Media Library

Revolutionize your media library with MediaCommander, the ultimate organization tool. With this plugin, you can say goodbye to chaos and hello to order in just a few clicks. Simply open the Media Library screen in the WordPress admin and discover the possibilities of efficient media management. Create, organize and browse folders with ease, turning your media library into an organized asset.

Adding a New Folder

Creating a new folder is very easy. Just click on the “Create Folder” icon on the top bar and in the form that appears, enter a name for this new folder. You can even choose a color and parent folder to keep things more organized. And if you change your mind, don’t worry! You can always drag and drop your folder into the new parent folder and organization will become easier.

Attaching Media Library Items to Folders

To move an item to a folder, simply hover the mouse over the item, then click and drag it to the desired folder. As you drag the item, the folder will be highlighted to make it clear which folder the item is being moved to. You can also move several items at a time by clicking on the “Bulk Select” button, selecting several items and moving them to the desired folder. Clicking on a folder will filter and update the list of media files on the right side depending on which files have been attached to the folder.

MediaCommander Create a New Folder

Organizing Your Media Library’s Folders

In MediaCommander, reorganizing media folders is a simple drag-and-drop operation, just like on a computer. To rename or delete a folder, right-click on it and select the action from the context menu. You can also copy a folder with all its subdirectories, download it as a ZIP archive, or set its color. It’s so easy to keep your media library organized and up to date.

Browsing your media items by folder is a seamless experience with MediaCommander. When adding media to your posts or pages, simply utilize the folder tree navigation on the left-hand side. This intuitive feature allows you to easily locate and select the desired media assets, streamlining your content creation process.

Media Commander Folder Context Menu