Backup & Restore Folders

If you’ve spent time organizing folders in your WordPress media library and want to make sure your hard work never goes to waste, you should check out the Backup and Restore feature. This handy tool allows you to keep a record of your folder organization, giving you peace of mind and a safety net in case you need to restore your media library to its previous form. With Backup & Restore, you can rest assured that your folder structure is always protected and easily restored.

To create a backup, go to the “Tools” tab, then click on the “Export Now” button. After that a file in csv format will be generated, you can download it using the link that appears.

This is what your backup file might look like. Depending on the number of attachments and folders.

You can make changes to a file and then re-import it to make those changes to your entire media library or other folder types. Just use the “Import” section, click the “Choose File” button, then click the “Import Now” button.

As you can see this is a simple and effective method to keep your entire WordPress data consistent, improve their organization, and enhance the overall user experience.