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Over 9 years of product and solution development.

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Max Lawrence

Hello and Welcome to Yalogica.

I'm Max Lawrence, and I'm the founder of Yalogica. In 2015 I started my digital journey, using my experience as a developer I tried my hand at creating plugins for WordPress. This decision started my entrepreneurial journey and led to the creation of my first web company. It's called Avirtum and you can see its profile here on the Envato platform, where my projects and user reviews are presented.

Envato Profile

I invested my time and energy into creating high quality, innovative plugins. Over time, my hard work paid off and I reached the significant milestone of over 9,000 sales across the entire range of my WordPress plugins. This success has validated my passion and skills, motivating me to continue developing cutting-edge solutions that improve the WordPress experience for users around the world.

Today, together with my new web company and brand Yalogica, I continue to push boundaries, driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to providing the very best products and services.

As a team, we believe that our products can solve people's problems and help them grow their business and achieve their goals in both business and life. You can find more information about us on our company website.

Yes, we know how to create awesome products that customers love.